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Mike Donahue Addresses Large Group

Mike Donahue, former news anchor for KOIN-6 was our speaker today.  We had a large contingency from the club, Aloha Business Association, Hillsboro Optimist Club, and community.


Donahue2In retirement Mike is working with the media department for the Providence Healthcare System.  He puts together reports and videos of employees and patients who make a difference.  They call his segments, “How We Care.”  He shared a story about a 14 year old Boy Scout who helped produce 500 handmade holiday stockings for patients.  Another was a young woman who went into nursing after her experience seeing the devastation of 9/11.  Providence paid for her education to serve in the Providence system.  See more of the videos in the link above.















Mike doesn’t drink coffee so Wally and Roger presented him with an Optimist “tea” cup.


Mike Donohue


Because we were an honor club last year, our board secretary, Dusty, presented Susan with a certificate of honor for her dedication as our former secretary.  Thanks Susan!


Susan receives a big thank you from the club and the Optimist District.

Susan receives a big thank you from the club and the Optimist District.


This Saturday is the PAL auction and dinner.  Let Bruce Buffington know ASAP if you want to to.

Next week Commander John Koch and Capt. Eric Oathes will be our speakers. We will also be taking in our newest member, Teddy Martin.

This day in history…the Eiffel Tower was opened in 1889.

Next Thursday is the board meeting.

We raised $182 in our Dollar Challenge!  Thanks everyone.

It was great seeing Dave Chrisman at the breakfast today.  Thanks for making the long trip Dave.

Rumor has it that Dick Schouten will be returning on a regular basis now that the election is pretty much behind him.  We are waiting Dick!

See you all next week.  Go share Optimism!


Judge Mercer Shares the Optimist Creed

Photo by Susan N.

Judge receives his mug.            Photos by Susan N.

Judge Mercer3








Last week our President put out a Dollar Challenge.  He handed out 10 one dollar bills to the members present and encouraged them to invite people to match that contribution.  This morning we received $61.50!  Way to go club!


Next week’s speaker is Mike Donohue, retired newscaster from Koin 6.  Invite your friends!

Mike Donohue

Mike Donohue

Today’s raffle winner was…Bob Arneson

The board has voted to have Teddy Martin join as our newest member.  Welcome aboard Teddy.

We passed around a couple of cards today.  One goes to Bruce Buffington who is recovering from eye surgery.  The other was a thank you card we received from Zach who came to our breakfast a couple of weeks back selling items for the Scout National Jamboree.

Jack raised some money on a very strange auction item.  It was some kind of ID from Area 51 in Nevada. Marv Thompson now knows who he is!

Our speaker today was Municipal Judge John Mercer.  He shared a couple thoughts about the mission of the City of Beaverton, “Oregon’s Best,” as it relates to a couple of lines from the Optimist Creed.  He really connected with the crowd and he doesn’t want to see anybody in court:)

See you all next week…with Mike Donohue.


Scouting Breakfast – February 25, 2016


Patches 2015

Patches we received at the breakfast. The one on the right was from our speaker. The bottom patch signifies we were an honor club in 2014-2015.





Honor Club Certificate

Honor Club Certificate







Our speaker was Brian Blachley from the Scout Office.  Area scouting is in good shape financially as well as membership.

Becky, one of our previous speakers from Electronics Unlimited, and her scout son, Zach attended.  Zach was visiting from Troop 618.  He is raising funds to attend the National Jamboree.  A number of us went home with chocolates or jerky.  Good luck Zach!

Dusty attend the area Optimist training on Saturday.  He was very enthused about what he heard and saw.  He passed on an honor pin and certificate (see photos above), an honor patch, an Optimist patch, and a couple of pins.  We will be adding patches on our banner and displaying it.

This Thursday…is open breakfast.  Rumor has it we might be getting a technology update.

Below are the notes from the previous breakfast:

Optimist Club of Beaverton

Club Meeting Minutes   February 18, 2016

This Day in History – 1885 – Mark Twain published the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

50/50 Pot raffle – $11.00 in the pot.  Winner – Marv Thompson

Eric Oathes brought us up to date on a few police related items:

Body Cam Open House at Griffith Park Police Station tonight

PAL Auction and Dinner April 2nd at PCC Rock Creek

Safety Car Seat Installation at 4915 SW Griffith Dr.

Can You ID Me Program

Polar Plunge on February 2nd to support Special Olympics.  Eric is  diving right in.

John Koch reported that the Dance With a Cop was successful because he didn’t have to dance.

Speaker for today was Bob Day, Commander in the Portland Police Bureau.  He has been with PPD since 1990 with a stint in the Oregon State Police prior to that.  He spent four years as a mounted policeman and really enjoyed the interaction with the public.

He stated that the PPD has 948 sworn police personnel but is forty five officers shy of what they should have.  Know anyone who would make a good police officer?  Of special interest was the Audit Program with the Dept of Justice.  Portland has been a proponent of such an oversee program.

Of other interesting information, he estimates there are over 2,000 people who live on the streets of Portland.  This presents many problems for the police in working with the mentally ill.  Great to have him visit the club.

Dusty Taylor, Secretary

Mayor Doyle Visits Our Club


A good crowd showed up to hear Mayor Denny Doyle give us an update on the City of Beaverton.  He had a lot to say about building development around downtown and the old Westgate property.  It all sounds very ambitious.  We appreciated his taking the time out to meet with us.

It was Capt. Eric Oathes’ birthday so he paid big bucks for us to sing to him.  He seemed rather pleased based on the smile on his face.  We won’t give his age away but here’s a hint: _8.

Dusty showed off his latest Intarsia creation: a Beaverton Police Badge that one of the officers requested.  As usual, he did a wonderful job.  See photos below. You can see more of Dusty’s work here.

Next week our speaker is Commander Bob Day from the Portland Police Bureau.  Hope you can make it.


Today’s Newsletter – April 2nd, 2015

After Bob Primrose led the pledge to the American Flag, Dusty said “This day in history…1986.  Think basketball.”

The President mentioned the updated website and calendar was complete for now but still open to any suggested improvements.

Calendar notes:

  • Next Thursday Karen Bolin will be here to represent our Business of the Month, Edward Jones Financial. We will also swear in Karen, and possibly Roger Whitaker, as new members.  Karen will share with us and answer any questions about financial investment.
  • Next Thursday, the 9th, is the Aloha Business Association Luncheon at the Peppermill, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM. The club is a member so any of our members are encouraged to attend.
  • Next Thursday will be a busy day because it is also our board meeting at 6:30 PM at the PAL club.
  • April 20th, 7:00 PM is the Troop 870 Court of Honor at Mountain View Middle school. We hope a number of our members can attend. A dessert potluck will follow.

Barry announced that Madeleine Smith, our local essay winner, was chosen as our District Essay Contest Winner!  She receives a $2500 scholarship and will compete in the international competition.  A press release will be going out to announce this.

Bob Arneson presented us a check for $600 from Troop 870 for our part in their Christmas tree drive.  He said a majority of the funds raised will assist scouts to attend summer camp.

John Koch said the Sheriff’s Office is working with the school district to provide Safer Routes for Kids to get to school.  These routes will be made and maintained by the “guests” in the orange jumpsuits from the jail.  He also said they will be sponsoring a Scout Day at the Jail with more details to follow.

Dusty won the raffle today.  It’s only fitting since he has an Easter birthday Sunday.  He paid up and was awed by the singing of the club!

This day in history…the NBA instituted the three point shot.

Bob P. said he heard there was someone in the club who got a new vehicle.  After some prodding Marv Thompson unwillingly confessed and paid a $5.00 fine.  We thanked Bob for the news report!

Since Wally had a recent surgery, he read some actual notes from hospital medical charts.  Apparently Jack didn’t care much for them or maybe had to use the boys’ room, so he said “Let’s stand,” to make a preemptive close to the meeting.  So he was asked to close with the creed.

Newsletter March 19, 2015

Beaverton Optimist Newsletter

March 19, 2015

Some people wondered if we were having a meeting because Jack wasn’t there.  One of them asked, “Is Jack sick?”  Actually, his son from Arizona is in town this week so he is spending time with his family.

Susan, on the other hand, is down with a cold.  We miss you Susan and hope you get well soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Next week the Hillsboro club is coming with their raiding party.  Wally won’t be here because he’s having an outpatient surgery so Jack is taking the reins.  Let’s have a good turnout so we can resist the invaders!  Honestly, it’s always nice to see our fellow Optimists from other clubs.

Other items to note:

  • April 2nd is our Essay Contest winners’ breakfast. This would be another time for a great turnout.  Our thanks to Barry and the judges who helped.
  • The board meeting is Tuesday, April 2nd, 6:30 at Beaverton PAL. ALL members are welcome to come to a board meeting.
  • Author Andra Watkins will be speaking at our April 16th Learn more about her at

This week’s raffle winner was Dick Schouten.  Yes, he’s the one who drew the winning number and he claims it wasn’t a set up!  Dick also shared about his recent trip to DC to attend a conference of the American Bicycling Association.  They discussed a number of topics including bicycle safety.  He will probably be hooking up with Bruce to share what he learned.  He also got to visit with his daughters in New York.

Wally had us look through our updated webpage.  The group had some good ideas to add.  Keep checking back to see the changes:

Boy Scouting Featured at Today’s Breakfast

The president opened the meeting late.  Our speakers had some technical difficulties that required attention, especially from Eric Squires.  Thanks Eric.

We had a good turnout this morning.  All of the seats were taken!  Dave G. was here for the second time in a row! (Or was it the third?).

This Day in History, provided by Dusty, was the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.

Bob Primrose announced that the Optimist shirts and vest have been ordered and should be here in a couple of weeks.

Bruce shared some things about PAL and NWBSC.  They still use the guidebook from the Optimists in their program.  Also, he and Wally will be working on an article that will be sent to Optimist International with the hopes it will be printed.

The scouts are trying to establish a co-ed Venture Crew made up of older scouts.  They need a charter sponsor and asked if we would be willing.

Last week’s raffle winner was Roger who willingly took the dough and ran with it.  This week’s winner was someone all of us look up to…literally…Dick Schouten.  The “Comish”will have to return next week to claim his winnings.  He probably will.  Most politicians don’t miss such an opportunity! J

Dates to remember:

  • Next Monday, February 9th, 7:00 PM is a retirement party for Scoutmaster Bryan Reynolds from troop 870. This will be held at Mt. View Middle School.  Let’s get some of Optimists there to show our thanks for Bryan’s service.
  • The Beaverton Police are putting on a Car Seat Clinic on February 21st. Click for more details:            
  • Club Auction, February 26th. Start saving your items and cash for this event.
  • Aloha Business Assoc. luncheon, next Thursday at the Peppermill, 11:30 – 1:00 PM. A local CPA will share some business tax season tips.
  • The Oratorical Contest is Saturday, February 21st. Dusty said we have one entry at the present time.
  • PAL Club Auction, Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM, at the Nike World Headquarters
    Nike Campus – Tiger Woods Center – 1 Bowerman Drive
    Beaverton, OR 97005. Get your tickets by clicking
  • The Beaverton Police are putting on a Car Seat Clinic on February 21st. Click for more details:            

Our speakers today were Brian Blachly and David O’Conner from the Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts.  They had lots of things to share, especially how we can better partner with our troop and council.  Learn more at their website:

2014 in review…we even had people from Russia visit our site!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Beaverton Optimist Newsletter – December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014


Susan was not at the breakfast today so you will have to put up with my chicken scratches.


Karen came in late but was forgiven because she brought gifts…2015 calendars.


Remember…no meetings the next two Thursdays.  Enjoy the holidays.


Commander John Koch is looking for some volunteer help with active shooter training.  Don’t worry, they won’t shoot you!  The dates are December 22-23 and 29-30.  Let John know.  John also tells us the Sheriff’s Office may be featured in an upcoming 20/20 TV program.  He will keep us informed.


January 6th, 8 AM we will be working on wood at the Jenkins Estate.  Please contact Bob or Roger if you would like to help.


January 7th is the Aloha Business Association luncheon.  The topic will be the new park going in behind Mountain View School.  It starts at 11:30 AM.


January 15th is our Community Coffee at the Edward’s Center, 6:30 – 8:00 PM.  Watch for further information.


TONIGHT is the concert, “Holy Night” at the Alpenrose Dairyville Opera House.  The Westside Singers will perform some new Christmas music (Linda, Wally’s wife, sings in this jazz choir).  The cost is $10 per adult and $5 for kids.  Proceeds go to help fight childhood sex trafficking.


The club is working with the park district and the Schouten family to plant a tree and plaque in honor of Dick’s wife, Karen, at the Roy Dancer Park.  It will likely take place in the spring of 2015.  Stay tuned.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

9/11 Community Coffee

We had a great time at the Aloha Community Library on the evening of 9/11.  We had around 15 with some of our members and others from the community.  President Wally asked for folks to share a memorable volunteer experience.  We found out we have a wealth of volunteers in our community.  Aaron Esparza, from Genesis Mediation, won the door prize…a copy of Wally’s book: Sent to Serve…The Chaplains of 9/11.  Stay tuned for our next Community Coffee.

One of our newest member, Lt. Chad Martin, shares with the crowd.

One of our newest member, Lt. Chad Martin, shares with the crowd.


Jack Franklin talking about the Optimist Creed.


Eric Squires, Marv Doty, and Donna Yount.


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