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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Breakfast Today

We had a good time together at the Peppermill.  Steve made sure that people bought raffle tickets and then latter won the pot.  Sound suspicious?

Marv Doty gave a report on the Veteran’s Day Service on Sunday.  We enjoyed a wonderful music package, Anna K. really belted it out with her wonderful soprano voice.  Lloyd Ferrall composed a wonderful number commemorating veterans.  He play piano and accompanied by a trumpeter  cello.  Lt. Col. gave a fun and interesting message.

Marv said his veteran’s group recently spoke and met with students at Liberty High School.  Scott Thompson attends there and spoke highly of the presentation.

Susan is home recuperating from a recent procedure.  We missed you Susan!

Bob introduced the speaker, Bryan Reynolds, our scoutmaster.  He spoke about a food co-op program called bountiful baskets (  For $15 people can sign up to receive some great produce.  We talked about how we can share with those in need.

I’ll post photos later today.

Wally Johnston


Club Welcomes New Member

Today at the breakfast we were happy to introduce our newest member, Dalton Melvin.  He is a recent grad from the U of O in Business Management and is a real estate broker.  Check out this link to our website to learn more:


Wally Johnston welcomes our newest member, Dalton Melvin.

Optimist Bulletin for November 1, 2012

* Marv Doty shared with us the plans for the Veteran’s Day Memorial at the Bethel Christian Church from 1-3pm on November 11, 2012. Please plan to attend his American Legion Post and a great group of musicians will be on hand for the event. If you have any questions please contact Marv Doty. Sounds like it will be a great day of remembrance for all who have served. Thanks Marv for continuing your efforts to keep these service men and woman in our minds.

* Board Meeting on Monday November 5, 2012 at 6:30 pm. At the PAL Club, come one come all we have a lot to discuss at the meeting.

* Bob A, apologized to Michael for not bringing in the computer and AV equipment needed for Michael to talk today. He will talk to us at another time. Bob paid his fine.

* Jack reported that he spent sometime in Phoenix, said the grand kids kept grandma going from the time they got up till they went to bed at night time. He did mention that it takes him awhile to acclimate to the temperatures down there and that he much prefers Oregon’s weather.

* Bob, Alan and Bruce all went to the Hillsboro Dinner last night, however Alan felt no one had told him it was a dress up for Halloween party and so he ended up not wining any prizes. Hillsboro inducted 3 new members into the club, one gal apparently has a lot of great ideas on ways to help the kids in the community. Hillsboro is planning to have these evening meetings once a month and there is an open invite for anyone in our club who wants to go. If you want to attend the dinner meeting for Hillsboro Optimist you may always contact Kathy Jungles at either 503-648-6409 or by e-mail

* Bob asked Dave if there are any projects going on at THPRD that we could help with. Dave says there is always something out there and that he would look into it and report back to the club on what he learns.

* This Saturday the Aloha Business Association has adopted a highway and they are meeting for their first road clean up at 8am. Contact Wally if you would like to help with this clean up and form a partnership with our group and their association.

* Michael wanted to know about the status of the wood and Bob said there is nothing available this year. Also Joe mentioned that we have people out there that want it as he got a call from a lady wanting 2 cords this past week. Bob hopes to get a crew back up there in the spring to cut more for next year.

* Last weeks Raffle winner was Michael, he was back to collect his earnings today. This weeks winner was Marv Doty, a birthday gift for you.

* Birthdays this week are Vern-92, Marv-86 and Dick Schouten.


* Patsey Ackley says hello. For Dalton, this is a past wonderful member of our club and a friend of mine, she was going to be here for a visit today but had a really bad headache and was unable to attend. Hopefully she can visit us in the future.

* Wally is making a small card that can fit in a pocket or wallet that will have a description of our club on it, along with our e-mail address and Facebook page links as well as a QR code that people can scan with their cellphones and learn about our club this way. Thank you Wally for doing all of IT stuff for the club.

* This day in History, 1800. John Adams moved into the White House.


Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend and see you all at the board meeting on Monday.