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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Today’s Breakfast

Once again, Susan did a great job with the minutes.  Thanks Susan!

Board Meeting Monday April 1, 2013 at 6:30pm at PAL Club

We had a lovely breakfast this morning with a beautiful speaker. Jocelyn Simpson, formally Jocelyn Taylor was here telling us about the PAL Club and all of the changes that are happening. She also picked up a donation check from our club to the PAL Club
So the biggest change at PAL is, with great help from Police Chief Spalding and Mayor Denny Doyle, the PAL Club is going to be independent from the Portland PAL Club. They have a new board of Directors, Bruce is on that board. The PAL Club plans to be open over the Summer. Currently there are about 50 kids coming daily for camp.
The PAL Club is doing a couple fundraisers. One is coming up on April 13, 2013 at the Jenkins Estate from 6-10pm. It is $ 75 a person, will be buffet style dinner, they have 50 auction items, they will be having a raffle and a wine pull. I have attached a PDF for information on the Luau. If you know someone who would like to attend please pass the flier on to them.
Jocelyn shared with us the kind of clubs at PAL Currently. They have a Running Club, Homework Club, Hip Hop Dance twice a week. And the biggest is the boxing team. They have 2 national competitors this year. One is a 15 year old female. There are 82 members of the boxing team, the gym is open every night. Jocelyn said their main focus is to get the kids into exercising as a way to deal with their stresses at home or in life in general.
We as a club could consider sponsoring the kids in an activity. Bruce is sponsoring the kids so they can go to Mini-golf.
Bob A. thanked Bob P. for the updated roster. I have attached this to this e-mail as well.
Bob A. hasn’t heard from Dave in regards to libability in splitting wood, he is working on that. Bob A. hopes that we can start splitting come April.
Jack picked up soundboard, he has all the supplies for bulletin boards. Bob A. brought over a can of paint, however Jack discovered it was Enamel and wasn’t sure if this would work. Eric suggested we google what kind of paint to use. Eric will look for a latex paint through Rebuilders Center connections.
Scott’s birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday Scott
Our Speaker next week is Cut Above Pawn Shop. They will be bringing in a kit that tells how valuable gold is, so if you have ever been wondering how much your gold is worth bring it in.
And this day in History is 1969, Dwight Eisenhower passed away.
Don’t forget the board meeting next Monday. And for everyone else we’ll see you next Thursday.
Don’t forget too check out our website if you have questions on what is going on in our club, Wally has done a fantastic job with it.
Also to keep up with the changes at PAL check them out on Facebook