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Newsletter and NW Children’s Outreach

Wally makes presentation to  Echo Crete of NW Children's Outreach

Wally makes presentation to Echo Crete of NW Children’s Outreach

Andreas Correa of Therassage receives a thank you from President Bob.

Andreas Correa of Therassage receives a thank you from President Bob.

First and importantly, we do not have a morning meeting next Thursday.  Instead we will be meeting at at the Spaghetti Factory in Tanasbourne at 6:45pm.  For our Dean Mitchell Scholarship winner.
Today the Aloha Business Association Speaker will be Dick Schouten, if your available to attend it is from 11:30-1:00pm at the Peppermill.  
A sign up sheet was passed around today for the evening meeting, if you are not on the list and wish to attend please contact Wally.  
Bruce donated his raffle winnings from last week to the Candlelighters.  
Bruce gave an update on a safety fair he had last night at Errol Hassel Elementary School.  52 boy scouts and their friends got new helmets.  Tomorrow there is an event with the boy scouts in West Union.  Bruce also mentioned that BPD gave a donation of several tanks of gas for Bruce’s new van.  
Dalton is back.  He had been working a night shift so it was hard for him to make it to our club meeting.  He’s now working out at Hillshire Reality in Lake Oswego and so he looks forward to to coming back for breakfast meetings and getting involved in the activities we have in the community.  Welcome back. 
Barry was also back this week.  He has spent a lot of time at different Kaiser Hospital facilities over the last couple of months.  He had 2 surgeries and is doing much better.  
Bruce gave a PAL update.  Looks like the Pal Club will survive.  They have a new board, of which Bruce is on.  They just got a grant for $ 10,000 from Reeser’s and have gotten several other donations recently as well.  
A pin and badge check netted a few coins.  Bob P. tried to claim the emblem on his t-shirt was his badge and then tried to say it was an original optimist club shirt, which brought Jack to his feet begging to differ on the subject that he had an original t-shirt.  Bob P. ended up dropping a coin in the pot.  Bruce also tossed in a coin.  
This week’s raffle winner was Barry.  
Aloha Library update-Friday they are having a book drive.  Also it’s looking like the County Affairs Forum will be moving to Peppermill.  
Our speaker today was Echo Crete from NW Childrens Outreach.  Passed around a collection bottle for the organization.  This organization is a faith based, entirely volunteer organization.  They serve kids from 0-16 years of age.  One day a week they get together to make backpacks for the kids.  They get a name, and age of the child and their size.  She said sometimes the requests make her really sad.  
This day in history:  “Pentagon Papers” damage credibility of Cold War Policy.  
Have a great week and see you all next week at our evening meeting. 

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