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Candlelighter Breakfast

Janet addresses the club.

Janet addresses the club.

Janet Sams from the Candlelighters organization addressed the crowd today.  She reminded the club that Candlelighters assist the whole family of kids with cancer.  Little things make a difference like chewing gum for kids to help get the bad taste out of their mouths during treatments.

The big fundraiser is Cycle Oregon coming up September 7-14.  Alan reminded us that he and Tony Montes participated in this for the Candlelighters in the past.  Steve, our “Sheriff” describes how this group helped keep their family together when her daughter was battling cancer as a kid.

We were glad to present Janet with a check in support of Candlelighters.

Other news:

Firewood: Bob says we have about 3 or 4 cords of wood available for sale.  There is no new date set for wood splitting at this time.  The club will be notified.

Jack’s trip: He shared about this trip to a family wedding that included the Hearst Castle, going by his growing up place, and a tour of the coast highway.

Calendar: Board meeting September 9th.  / Farmer’s Market Sept. 14th/ Annual picnic at Dave Chrisman’s on September 22nd./ Playground installation, June 14, 2014/

Dave is a new grandfather!  His grandson was born in an ambulance because they were delayed by the “Bridge Pedal.”  They flagged down the ambulance who had to call 911 to have Fire respond as well.  When they showed up at OHSU the word had already spread and they were greeted by a crowd.  His son-in-law announced, “Only those who have to be here stay.  The rest of you, get out of here!”  Later a nurse told the family about a doctor who came into emergency earlier and ordered the crowd to vacate.  They told the nurse, “That wasn’t a doctor, it was my husband!”  Quite a story.  Anyway, welcome to Anton, Dave’s new grandson:)

Scott reported on his adventure participating in the recent “Hood-To-Coast.”  This is his teams 28th year to run and they came in 15th overall!  Dave Crisman also participated.

Wally report on his first “Beaverton, Banks, and Beyond” bicycle tour.  He went 35+ miles.  His  son provided backup (which means he had to give him a little push!).

Dick’s two daughters were here last weekend to celebrate their mother’s 60th birthday (Karen, I hope you don’t mind that Dick blabbed your age!).    Dick also said that the Roy Dancer Park is getting some improvements, including a new walking trail.

Wally introduced his friend, Aaron, who shared that he is part of Wally’s church, “The Journey with Christ.”  He helps with music and outreach.  His goal is to bring believers and nonbelievers together in a spirit of understanding.  Good to see you Aaron.

This day in history, 1911: Ishi, the last surviving Stone Age Indian, in the US, is discovered in California.

Next week we will hear about the county Adopt-a-Road program.

Candle lighters3

Bob thanks Janet Sams for her presentation.

Bob thanks Janet Sams for her presentation.


Okay, I got the photo thing figured out!

Allison received a mug and a thank you from President Bob Arneson.

Allison received a mug and a thank you from President Bob Arneson.

Help the library tonight

The books left over  from the book sale this past weekend need to be moved from the old Blockbuster building to the storage unit on TV Hwy.  If you can help, please show up @ 7:00 PM.


Washington County Visitors’ Association

Let me say first off that I know the photo is sideways.  I edited it before I posted.  When it got to this post it was sideways!  If you know how to correct this, please let me know.

Allison spoke about the Visitors’ Association and Northwest Bicycle Safety Council (she is a board member of NWBSC).  She gave prizes: golf tees and lip balm.  I’m sure they both can be used by golfers.  She also had some handout about the Visitors’ Association.

Thanks for sharing Allison 🙂

Allison George receives a thank you from President Bob Arneson.

Allison George receives a thank you from President Bob Arneson.

The Power of Optimism

I shared a brief talk today.   

I spoke today about the “Power of Optimism.”  I shared a video.  Here is the link:

How optimistic are you?  You can take the Optimism quiz here.
Alan took notes today and will be sending out minutes later.
Don’t forget, next Thursday our speaker will be our Dean Mitchell Scholarship winner Ashley Eddy. See you next week at the Peppermill Restaurant in Aloha.