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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Adopt-A-Road Presentation

President Bob presents Victoria & Nancy with thank you mugs from the club.

President Bob presents Victoria & Nancy with thank you mugs from the club.


We got a late start today but made it up with a fine finish.  Susan had a doctor appointment today so we missed her again.  Susan if you get three in a row, I think they call that a turkey!

Bob has some wood to load tomorrow so if you can help, please show up around 8 AM at the Jenkins Estate.  Once the wood is loaded, you can carry on with the rest of your day.

Eric reminds of the CPO6 meeting tonight.  He also said the Washington County Public Affairs Forum will be meeting at the Peppermill next Monday, Noon – 1:00 PM with Commissioner Andy Dyke featured.  All are encouraged to attend.

Dick will be participating in Cycle Oregon next week.  Jack and Carol will be taking a trip away for a while as well.

Dick introduced Victoria and Nancy from the county Adopt-A-Road program.  They gave a nice presentation regarding that and Adopt-A-Landscape.  Bob A. suggested they change the age limit of 12 so younger scouts and kids can participate.  The will take that idea to the Board of Commissioners.  Victoria mentioned there is a website to see a calendar of road cleanup activities:

Next week Wally Johnston will speak on “9/11: A Glimpse Back and a Look Forward.”  There is a rumor that there may be some photos and/or video involved.  Don’t miss it.