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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Club Auction a Success!

Here is the newsletter from this morning’s breakfast-auction.  Thanks to all who participated:

Beaverton Optimist Club Breakfast Newsletter May 29, 2014
Tomorrow at 11:30 at the THPRD Service Center off of Allen, please join for Dave Chrisman’s retirement party from THPRD.
Board Meeting this coming Wednesday, June 4, 2014 6:30pm at the PAL Club.
Next week’s speaker will be an 8th grader who has hemophilia.  She contacted Wally to see if she could come to speak to us as part of a school project.  She has hemophilia and wants to talk to us about the Hemophilia Foundation.
Marv D. thanked everyone for coming out for the Memorial Day Event this past Monday. He said there was roughly 1,500 people in attendance.  He thanked Wally for the chaplaincy.
On June 12th our Dean Mitchell Scholarship winner will be with us and last year’s Dean Mitchell Scholarship winner will be there as well, Ashley Eddy.
There is a re-dedication of Roy Dancer Park this coming Saturday, May 31, 2014 from 1-3pm.  For the new members, Roy Dancer was a member of the Beaverton Optimist Club for a long time; he sadly passed away several years ago. I got the privilege of meeting Roy when I joined the club in 2006.
Eric S. passed around photos he took at the Memorial Day Celebration on Monday. Thank you Eric!
If you have some spare time on Saturday Doug Hoy and the Aloha Library will be moving the book shelves from the blockbuster location to across the street at a storage unit behind the school.  Wally, Alan and Eric S. all plan to be there.  If you are interested in helping show up at 9am.  Thanks to those that can help.
Sorry Alan I missed this day in history, my breakfast showed up and I forgot to pay attention.
This week’s raffle winner was Scott.
On a sad note Marv T. shared that Scott lost a very good friend of his last week. She developed a blood clot that traveled to her lung and she passed away, leaving behind a young daughter and a husband. Marv said that it’s a tight group of friends and that they have all come together to help each other out in dealing with such a tragic loss. The gal was only in her mid-30’s. We are sorry Scott for your loss.
Last week’s raffle winner was Jack he donated his winnings to Dean Mitchell.
Our Auction today netted $ 100, and funds from donations in the club brought the total that will be donated to the OI Foundation to $ 131.
See you all next week.
Susan Nordstrom

Club Secretary


Murray Road Cleanup

The weather was threatening but that didn’t keep away a fine group of Optimists from cleaning up Murray Blvd. this morning.  We were joined by two of our newest members, Rich and Dave.  Dave even convinced his son to come and help!  As it turned out, it didn’t rain at all and we were done in no time, although Alan seemed to lose a few of our members along the way.  He eventually found them after they hid under the bridge!

Thanks to all who came to help.  For those who were SUPPOSED to help, you missed some fine donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and fellowship.  (Scroll down for more photos.)
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