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Judge Mercer Shares the Optimist Creed

Photo by Susan N.

Judge receives his mug.            Photos by Susan N.

Judge Mercer3








Last week our President put out a Dollar Challenge.  He handed out 10 one dollar bills to the members present and encouraged them to invite people to match that contribution.  This morning we received $61.50!  Way to go club!


Next week’s speaker is Mike Donohue, retired newscaster from Koin 6.  Invite your friends!

Mike Donohue

Mike Donohue

Today’s raffle winner was…Bob Arneson

The board has voted to have Teddy Martin join as our newest member.  Welcome aboard Teddy.

We passed around a couple of cards today.  One goes to Bruce Buffington who is recovering from eye surgery.  The other was a thank you card we received from Zach who came to our breakfast a couple of weeks back selling items for the Scout National Jamboree.

Jack raised some money on a very strange auction item.  It was some kind of ID from Area 51 in Nevada. Marv Thompson now knows who he is!

Our speaker today was Municipal Judge John Mercer.  He shared a couple thoughts about the mission of the City of Beaverton, “Oregon’s Best,” as it relates to a couple of lines from the Optimist Creed.  He really connected with the crowd and he doesn’t want to see anybody in court 🙂

See you all next week…with Mike Donohue.



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