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Breakfast with the ATF

Colene Domenech, ATF Portland Office

Colene Domenech, ATF Portland Office

We had a great speaker today.  Colene has over 20 years experience as an ATF agent.  We learned a lot about the operation of the agency.  Many people think they get all the paperwork on all guns sold in Oregon but the info stays with the dealer.  Perhaps our laws need some fine tuning to make it  possible for the agency to have those records (like they do in Hawaii).  When a gun is used in a crime it makes it a lot easier to track down ownership.  She gave the example of the shooting death of Sgt. Godding in Seaside.  Because the gun was originally sold in Hawaii, they were able to track it to the killer.

Because of their unique investigation, they were able to settle the case of the Woodburn Bombing several years ago.

Some things to remember…

  • Monday is Troop 870 Court of Honor at Mountain View Middle School, 7:00 PM.  Let’s show support for  our scouts and their leaders.
  • Car Seat Clinic, Saturday, October 22nd, 9 – 11:30 AM at Providence St. Vincent’s Medical Center.
  • Tip-A-Cop, Beaverton Red Robin on Canyon. We would like to attend as a group.  Hope to see you there at 5:00 PM.

If you missed the Thursday breakfast, you can view it on Youtube.

Have a good weekend.



Mayor Doyle Visits Our Club


A good crowd showed up to hear Mayor Denny Doyle give us an update on the City of Beaverton.  He had a lot to say about building development around downtown and the old Westgate property.  It all sounds very ambitious.  We appreciated his taking the time out to meet with us.

It was Capt. Eric Oathes’ birthday so he paid big bucks for us to sing to him.  He seemed rather pleased based on the smile on his face.  We won’t give his age away but here’s a hint: _8.

Dusty showed off his latest Intarsia creation: a Beaverton Police Badge that one of the officers requested.  As usual, he did a wonderful job.  See photos below. You can see more of Dusty’s work here.

Next week our speaker is Commander Bob Day from the Portland Police Bureau.  Hope you can make it.


Today’s Newsletter – April 2nd, 2015

After Bob Primrose led the pledge to the American Flag, Dusty said “This day in history…1986.  Think basketball.”

The President mentioned the updated website and calendar was complete for now but still open to any suggested improvements.

Calendar notes:

  • Next Thursday Karen Bolin will be here to represent our Business of the Month, Edward Jones Financial. We will also swear in Karen, and possibly Roger Whitaker, as new members.  Karen will share with us and answer any questions about financial investment.
  • Next Thursday, the 9th, is the Aloha Business Association Luncheon at the Peppermill, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM. The club is a member so any of our members are encouraged to attend.
  • Next Thursday will be a busy day because it is also our board meeting at 6:30 PM at the PAL club.
  • April 20th, 7:00 PM is the Troop 870 Court of Honor at Mountain View Middle school. We hope a number of our members can attend. A dessert potluck will follow.

Barry announced that Madeleine Smith, our local essay winner, was chosen as our District Essay Contest Winner!  She receives a $2500 scholarship and will compete in the international competition.  A press release will be going out to announce this.

Bob Arneson presented us a check for $600 from Troop 870 for our part in their Christmas tree drive.  He said a majority of the funds raised will assist scouts to attend summer camp.

John Koch said the Sheriff’s Office is working with the school district to provide Safer Routes for Kids to get to school.  These routes will be made and maintained by the “guests” in the orange jumpsuits from the jail.  He also said they will be sponsoring a Scout Day at the Jail with more details to follow.

Dusty won the raffle today.  It’s only fitting since he has an Easter birthday Sunday.  He paid up and was awed by the singing of the club!

This day in history…the NBA instituted the three point shot.

Bob P. said he heard there was someone in the club who got a new vehicle.  After some prodding Marv Thompson unwillingly confessed and paid a $5.00 fine.  We thanked Bob for the news report!

Since Wally had a recent surgery, he read some actual notes from hospital medical charts.  Apparently Jack didn’t care much for them or maybe had to use the boys’ room, so he said “Let’s stand,” to make a preemptive close to the meeting.  So he was asked to close with the creed.

Breakfast Tomorrow

Doug Hoy will be sharing the latest developments about the Aloha Library and will introduce the new Library Manager! After speaking, we will present them a book to add to the children’s library. For those who can, immediately after breakfast we will join Doug and others in moving out the library supplies from the old Bally’s building. See you tomorrow!

At today’s breakfast…

Mark Roulette spoke about “Imagine Possibilities” a group that provides advocacy and services for the mentally challenged. We also heard from Jack Franklin (again!) about his bridge walk. President Bob showed us the program from the latest Court of Honor. We sponsor Troop 870 in Beaverton.


President Bob presents Mark with our Optimist Mug

At our breakfast on October 25th, we will hear from Natascha Hottges-Ortiz, the Services Coordinator for Washington County Developmental Dissabilities. Come join us for breakfast.