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Mike Donahue Addresses Large Group

Mike Donahue, former news anchor for KOIN-6 was our speaker today.  We had a large contingency from the club, Aloha Business Association, Hillsboro Optimist Club, and community.


Donahue2In retirement Mike is working with the media department for the Providence Healthcare System.  He puts together reports and videos of employees and patients who make a difference.  They call his segments, “How We Care.”  He shared a story about a 14 year old Boy Scout who helped produce 500 handmade holiday stockings for patients.  Another was a young woman who went into nursing after her experience seeing the devastation of 9/11.  Providence paid for her education to serve in the Providence system.  See more of the videos in the link above.















Mike doesn’t drink coffee so Wally and Roger presented him with an Optimist “tea” cup.


Mike Donohue


Because we were an honor club last year, our board secretary, Dusty, presented Susan with a certificate of honor for her dedication as our former secretary.  Thanks Susan!


Susan receives a big thank you from the club and the Optimist District.

Susan receives a big thank you from the club and the Optimist District.


This Saturday is the PAL auction and dinner.  Let Bruce Buffington know ASAP if you want to to.

Next week Commander John Koch and Capt. Eric Oathes will be our speakers. We will also be taking in our newest member, Teddy Martin.

This day in history…the Eiffel Tower was opened in 1889.

Next Thursday is the board meeting.

We raised $182 in our Dollar Challenge!  Thanks everyone.

It was great seeing Dave Chrisman at the breakfast today.  Thanks for making the long trip Dave.

Rumor has it that Dick Schouten will be returning on a regular basis now that the election is pretty much behind him.  We are waiting Dick!

See you all next week.  Go share Optimism!