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American Legion Presentation

We had a great showing by the American Legion Post 124.  In attendance were Bob Gelhar, Financial Officer; Bernie Meuwissen,1st Vice Commander; Louis Haga, Boys State; and Commander Marv Doty.

Louis shared about the Legion’s participation in Boys State, where high schoolers attend to run for political office for a week at the “Boys State.”  They learn a lot about government in the process.  Our own Dick Schouten, Washington County Commissioner, has served as a judge in the past.

At the conclusion, President Wally Johnston presented a check to the post to help sponsor young people who attend Boys State.


Commander Doty addresses the club.

Commander Doty addresses the club.

Louis explains the Boys State program.

Louis explains the Boys State program.

Commander Marv Doty expresses appreciation the the Beaverton Optimist Club.

Commander Marv Doty expresses appreciation the the Beaverton Optimist Club.


Hula Breakfast :)

Lisa Chang from Hula Halau ‘Ohana Holo’oko’a, had a great presentation at today’s breakfast.  She talked about the history of and different types island dance from Hawaii, Tahiti, etc.  Go here to read more about her school.  Check out the photos below:

photo 2photo 1photo 5photo 3photo 4

A “Dusty” wood artist shares at the breakfast.

Dusty Taylor discusses his artwork with wood.

Dusty Taylor discusses his artwork with wood.

We had a great turnout this morning to hear from Dusty Taylor, a local intarsia wood artist.  Dusty has trained a number of young people the craft.  Thanks dusty! (See photo of his work below).

Commissioner Dick Scouten was here today.  It has been a while.  It was great seeing you Dick!

Next week’s breakfast speaker features Lisa Chang from Hula Halau, our February Business of the Month.  See you at the Peppermill Restaurant next Thursday, 7:00 AM.

Wood art


Here are the minutes from last week’s breakfast, compliments  of Susan:

Was great seeing everyone this morning and hearing the wonderful stories of Vern.  Thank you Wally for doing such a touching video of Vern’s pictures.
Our guests this morning:
Wendy & Randy- Vern’s daughter and son
Dorothy & Wally-Neighbors of Vern’s for the past 47 years.  Plus they are cousins to our own Captain Oathes.  They appreciated the New Years card Eric.
Patrick-friend of Vern’s who remodeled his house years ago and stayed friends with Vern.
Steve had some sad news to share with us.  He was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer that was also in his liver.  He explained that he was relinquishing his duties in the club of raffle/collecting fines & putting away the flags.  If your wanting to step up to the plate to either of these activities let Wally know.
Tony Montes was visiting us from the Hillsboro Optimist Club.  His wife has been going through a lot. Please keep us posted Tony. Tony also reported that when he was at emergency this last week that he ran into Monty Kershner, who was there as he was having a heart attack.  It was great to see you today.
I updated the club on Rudy, my husband, he had his angiogram done last Thursday, good news was nothing extra had to be done during his open heart surgery on February 4th.  We have an incredible surgeon, if your ever needing a valve please let me know this specialist does a valve sparing surgery so he can re-construct your own valve so you don’t have to be on coumadin and have a mechanical valve.
Wally gave a check to our treasurer, Scott, for $ 202.52 from our Papa’s Pizza Fundraiser.
Bruce’s birthday this week and we sang to him.
Last week’s raffle winner was Dave, who wasn’t there this morning.  This weeks winner was Marv T.
Jack stood up to say that Bob A. had been over to his shop to work on building wooden riffles for the boy scout troop.  They will be used to teach the kids gun safety.
Michael reported that his Thai Chi class, which is on the east side of Portland, is going to be doing a 4 month class in Beaverton this year.  So if your interested in Thai Chi please contact Michael.
Essay contest.  Barry stated that he has only received the one essay.  There are 3 weeks left to get them in.  I believe Eric S. is going to do some social media on that one.
Eric S. updated us on the Aloha Library and said a big thank you from the Aloha Library to us for all our help and donations of money.  They are hiring on one full time person.  And soon to be moving into a bigger space.  Taking over where the Taekwondo place is currently at near the Peppermill.
This day in history: 1919, Prohibition ratified by 3/4 of states.

Remembering Vern at the Optimist Program Today

Family and friends met today at the breakfast to remember Vern Williams, who was our last charter member.  A lot of great things were said about Vern.  We’ll post more comments later but here are some photos:

Vern1 Vern2 Vern3 Vern4 Vern5 Vern6 Vern8

Our Dear Vern Williams Dies at 93

Vern Williams, our last surviving charter member of the club, died this afternoon at his home in Beaverton. Stay tuned for more details. Our sympathy is extended his family. The club will also pay a tribute to Vern.


Vern & Jack at the "rock" dedication  July 18, 2013

Vern & Jack at the “rock” dedication July 18, 2013

Open Share Breakfast

Our speaker didn’t make it today but we still had a good program.

Eric Squires won the raffle AGAIN. Fortunately he gives the money to the Dean Mitchell Public Safety Scholarship, otherwise he might be accused of getting rich from the club! :)

Our President presented a check to the Aloha Community Library Association via Doug Hoy, president. Doug tells us the library will have a new location soon and will share that information when things get finalized.

Bruce Buffington made a push for our upcoming fundraiser at Papa’s Pizza on Monday, June 13th.

Alan brought in his reindeer made from beer bottles, compliments of his granddaughter, I think.

Bob Arneson said we had a couple of wood sales recently with another customer currently looking to buy.  Thanks for your good work on this Bob.

Jack was dressed in a festive outfit. Even his hat sang to us! (You had to be there.) Jack also said that Vern Williams will go in to the hospital to have his heart stopped and rebooted to correct the timing of his heart.

There was a discussion about various opportunities for the club in 2014. It should prove to be a good year.

Next week’s speaker is Scott from Scott’s Coffee Brake, our Business of the Month.

Note: The board will not meet next week since it is New Year’s day. We will meet the following Wednesday, January 8th, 6:30 PM.


The Second Most Interesting Man in the World!


Anthony Mills

Anthony Mills

Guests today were Greg Cody from THPRD and his invited guest, Bill Johnson.  Bill has been associated with the Optimists for many years.  Greg heard about the meeting today via the posting by Eric Squires on OregonLive.

Reminder…there is no breakfast next week.  Instead, we will be at the Old Spagehetti Factory in Tanasbourne on Tuesday, December 17th for our Christmas dinner.  Be sure to sign-up for the “Christmas Magic” dinner by TOMORROW on the websiteClick here and at the top of the page click “The Magic of Christmas.”  That will take you to the page with the info and sign-up.

We decided to not have a gift exchange this year because of the dinner.

Our Papa’s Pizza fundraiser is January 13th.  Be sure to tell you friends.  Click here to download a flyer to hand out.

Alan & Bob P. recently celebrated a birthday.  They tried to sing “Happy Birthday.”  It was kind of a poor excuse for a song but it saved them money!  It is also Jim Cates birthday today.

The raffle winner this week was Eric S.  again!

Capt. Eric Oathes spoke about his trip to Bangladesh and will be sharing a talk and slide show at the January 9th breakfast.

Anthony Mills, billed as the “Second Most Interesting Man” in the world shared some good ideas that will benefit groups like ours.  Here are some of the highlights:  Know why your group exists and be able to briefly explain it to anyone; the effective use of social media.  In regards to leadership: Have a strategy; don’t keep rotating the same people; promote and know effective bylaws; the leader should not do everything…share responsibilities; have an annual leadership retreat; the use of social networking; get involved in other boards.

We missed Susan today and Vern Williams is not doing well so let’s keep pulling for him.

Frontier Communications…Business of the Month

It was great having Beth Van Elswyk come and share about Frontier Communications.  Frontier is our Optimist Business of the Month for November.  She had a great presentation and answered lots of questions.  She even offered to take care of some issues for a few of our members.  Great job Beth!

Beth - Frontier13

Halloween Auction

Jack trying to sell something.

Jack trying to sell something.


We had a fun time this morning at our Halloween auction.  Elvis was our server.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to Vern & Jack.

I think we may have started a tradition!

Jack is selling but I don't know they are buying :)

Jack is selling but I don’t know they are buying :)


The Great Pumpkin and his gang.

The Great Pumpkin and his gang.



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